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Saw Some Awesome Outdoor Furniture
The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...

Saw Some Awesome Outdoor Furniture
6604 AA RD
Montezuma, Kansas 67867

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Saw Some Awesome Outdoor Furniture
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions We Have Received About Our Furniture

What do I do if my furniture arrives damaged?
Contact us immediately by phone or email; explain damage and we will handle immediately to your satisfaction

How do I finish my furniture?
  1. Oil/varnish combinations: the easiest to use, flood on, wipe off in 10-15 minutes; continue to touch up as needed.
  2. Oil/Water Based Stain: Your cedar chair can be stained any color utilizing a good brand of oil or water based stain; paint on, wipe off; maintain as needed
  3. Paint: to paint cedar you must first utilize an acrylic water based primer followed by a water based acrylic enamel top coat; if you do not use a primer, the cedar will always “bleed through”” your top coat.

What will happen if I don’t put any finish on my chair?
Over time your chair will change to a silver/gray color.

How can I find out about your new products?
By checking our website from time to time. We update our website on a regular basis.

What if I want to learn about being a distributer of this type of furniture?
Contact us by phone or email and we will send you details about becoming a distributor of our product.


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